2022 Christmas Light Showcase

It's time for another "towne-wide" Christmas light showcase! Let's demonstrate as much holiday spirit as possible and see all that Joppatowne has to offer.

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To use an optimized map to visit all of the stops, click this link (Google Maps).

Please note that 721 Pinefield Road is in Edgewood and 2619 Franklinville Road is in Old Joppa (the other side of 95). Don't get lost! The full route is 11.4 miles and should take a little over a half hour to complete (plus time to look at all the houses)!

For a Joppatowne only map, click here.

View our 2022 Participants!

543 Potomac Road

721 Pinefield Way (Edgewood)

915 Pine Road

800 Barry Drive

705 Oak Road

2619 Franklinville Road (Old Joppa, other side of 95)

508 Trimble Road

130 Doncaster Road

103 Drew Court

109 Duryea Drive

200 Chell Road

770 Shore Drive

106 Stone Harbor Court

519 Anchor Drive