2020 Christmas Light Contest

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place- 705 Oak Road

2nd Place- 112 Shell Cove Court

3rd Place- 227 Kershaw Court

"Bragging Rights" Awards

Clark Griswold Award- 721 Pinefield Way

Best Theme- 404 Tanglewood Court
(Honorable mentions: 301 Trimble Road, Apt. C2 and 800 Barry Lane)

"Charlie Brown" Traditional Award- 118 Chell Road

Best Apartment- 301 Trimble Road, Apt. C2

View the map below to find all of our great entrants! The table on the right groups houses together for a suggested driveable route.

Thank you to our sponsors

Joppatowne Christian Church

Polley Zimnoch

The Fowler family

Rules and Entry Information (Entries are now closed)

  • You must be 18 years or older to enter the contest, but persons of any age are eligible to participate

  • Any household in the Joppatowne High School district is eligible for this contest, one entry per household

  • In order to be eligible for prize consideration, entries must be received by December 13th, 2020.

  • Each entry must include a photo of your decorated house. You may add decorations after your entry which may be considered for in-person judging, but will not be considered for the online voting portion.

  • By entering the contest, you give the organizers permission to contact you regarding the contest and any changes that might occur.

  • This contest is being organized by Aiden Fowler and Adam Shellenbarger. Their decisions are final and can change to suit the needs of the contest (with notification on this site and contact to already registered participants).

  • No members of the families of the organizers or judges will be considered for prizes.

  • You assume the risk for entering this contest. By submitting your residence for consideration, you agree that your address can be published as a participant and cannot hold the organizers or other participants liable for anyone coming to your property or anything that happens there as a result of this contest.

  • Have fun, and try to bring a little joy and levity to a really tough year for our world. Happy holidays!


Prize Category

  • Best Overall (We plan to have prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at least)

Bragging Rights Categories (we may be able to offer prizes for these, but cannot guarantee it at this point)

  • The Clark Griswold Award

  • The "Charlie Brown" Traditional Award

  • Best Theme

  • Best Business

  • Best Apartment

Sponsorship Opportunities

If any individual, local business, or organization would like to sponsor any of our prizes, please fill out this form.